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A Description of Our Programs

The diverse nature of this young population requires an equally diverse approach to gaining trust and confidence from potentially wary individuals. ROYAL responds to the challenge of the lack of appropriate and effective community service providers that address the issues of this target population. ROYAL helps children and their families who otherwise would not receive services through traditional or established youth programs. ROYAL has created two-fold approach providing services:

Therapeutic Mentoring Program

The Therapeutic Mentoring Program is an intense interaction between Therapeutic Mentors and youth ages 5-18. Mentors are extensively trained in Cognitive/Behavioral and other therapeutic techniques.

Designed to develop and encourage positive and constructive communication through mentoring, TMP incorporates a team approach that provides youth with positive attention, trained support, and with role models, and implements therapeutic, educational and practical methods to help youth realize and maximize self-strengths and talents. Activities incorporate interventions that address issues related to anger management, empathy development, self-esteem building, conflict resolution and the development of leadership skills.

This program is unique compared to other mentoring programs because of the intensive therapeutic training, support and supervision provided to the Mentors in order to effectively address mental health and behavioral issues of the at-risk/disadvantaged youth. The Mentors are trained by highly skilled, effective, and respected clinicians in the field. The therapeutic approach, along with providing a nurturing relationship with a positive adult role model, heightens the possibility of success for youth towards reaching their identified goals.

Mentors are very carefully screened. Great efforts are made to appropriately match Mentors to youth according to significant areas, such as cultural sensitivity, gender, experience, personality/strengths, and life experience.

Therapeutic Mentoring Program operates on a flexible schedule and can take place in the home, in the community, on school grounds, and /or at the Royal facility. Staffed primarily by volunteers, TMP is designed to have a maximum of 30 Mentors, each spending 4- 8 hours a week with a child for anywhere from 12 to 18 months. Treatment goals and interventions will be reevaluated on a quarterly basis.

Enrichment Program

ROYAL strongly believes in providing positive and creative experiences for youth 5 to 18. The Enrichment Program provides exposure to a reality not usually found in the participants lives. Activities include youth retreats, leadership camps, Talent Showcase, participation in Plays and Musicals, and youth developed charitable programs to provide services to the community and needy causes.

Leadership Camps and retreats are intended to be held on week-end up to four times a year. Led by ROYAL staff and volunteers, Leadership Camps and retreats are constructed to provide therapeutic and skill building exercises, and to emphasize the importance of conflict resolution, self-esteem, social leadership and behavior management.

Weekend Retreat

ROYAL's weekend retreat takes place in a serene, peaceful outdoor setting. Through modeling, reinforcement, structured activities and workshops, youth learn the values and tools that can enhance their ability to increase their self-esteem and self-worth while developing life and leadership skills. Throughout the weekend, they explore realistic interventions to achieve these goals. Weekend goals:
As well as offering respite for caregivers during the weekend, our retreat participants receive positive attention, nurturing, mentoring, and skills-building from well-trained and experienced adult role models. The following values and skills are modeled, taught, and reinforced:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Respect (for self and towards others)
  • Empathy
  • Sensitivity
  • Consideration


  • Coping
  • Communication
  • Social
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Alternative to negative behaviors
  • Leadership

Day Camp

ROYAL's Therapeutic Leadership Day Camp is designed to provide safe, structured activities while teaching the necessary tools and skills that address mental, emotional and/or behavioral issues.

ROYAL's Day Camp is a two-week program comprised of fun and motivational activities, workshops and enrichment activities that provide opportunities, which allow participants to learn and utilize a variety of skills and tools. Treatment goals are determined before onset of participation and are monitored throughout the Day Camp term.