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What Our Kids Say...

Here are just a few things that our kids have said about us over the years:

I just thank everybody in ROYAL who has helped me become a better person. I mean, if I was to be out on the street still, I would just be a total wreck, I would be with the wrong people right now — I don't even know. For all I know I could have been dead by now for the things that I was doing. I mean — I just have to thank ROYAL for saving me.
— Ashley, age 15
It's taught me how to control my anger, control my emotions and speak positive — not always be negative and say bad words, say things that I might regret that'll hurt somebody else.
— Clifton, age 14
I am happy to be at ROYAL. It teaches me a lot of leadership. It's a nice place to be at. They are nice to me and I respect that. And I wish that I could be there for a long time and go to leadership groups. ROYAL makes me fee really good inside. I really enjoy being here because it's fun and it teaches me a lot of things that I can learn of like how to be a great leader and not how to act like a bad kid. And it's good because you can be a leader instead of a follower. ROYAL helps me to remember how to act in public and it helps little kids be a good role model.
— Pepito, age 11
I would like to say ROYAL is big part of my life. I really like to take away my time to be here. ROYAL teaches me a lot of stuff that I didn't know. When I'm at school and my cousin gets mad I help him out by the stuff ROYAL taught me. ROYAL has helped me a lot in life. I would love to thank ROYAL for putting me in this program. It really means something to me. The name ROYAL fit its name. I really appreciate what is has done for me.
— Champagne, age 12
ROYAL is a place for us kids to go though out the day. I came to ROYAL because the leaders told me that ROYAL can help us with a lot of stuff. I joined ROYAL because ROYAL helps me with a whole lot of stuff. ROYAL keeps me out of trouble. And if ROYAL weren't here, I would have been in jail. So everything that I do wrong, ROYAL sits me down and we talk it out. What I did and why I did it.
— Michelle, age 15
Without it (ROYAL), some of the kids in here would have went down the road. I feel that ROYAL has helped me personally- because it let me know that I can talk to someone and I won't get judged or is it won't be spread to the whole world. It also lets me know that I am not the only one that has certain areas I need to work on- there's other people too.
— Tiffany, age 13
To me, ROYAL means a lot. If ROYAL did not exist, how will our children get a big insight on leadership and self-control? ROYAL has impacted me hugely. It taught me a whole lot on how to become a better person inside and outside. It can teach a child and person the fruits of leading, respect, honesty, power of mind, and the way a person can become.
— Clifton, age 14
ROYAL is the whole world to me by how it helped me cope with my stress and frustrations that I had in the past. It also means the whole world to my little brother. It helped him focus more in school and in home. If anything would happen to ROYAL, it will make a big impact on every single person in ROYAL especially to me and my brother because if it weren't for ROYAL, I don't know what will happen to me. Now I know what I want to do in the future. It also helped my brother to do better and keep his head straight instead of on the ground. ROYAL to me is a whole different family. It's like I have new uncle's and aunt's and even new brothers and sisters.
— Richard, age 14